DietMaster WebLite Signup


The following terms apply to your DietMaster Web Lite subscription plan. Please read carefully before proceeding.

  • requires a one-time setup fee
  • profiles can be deleted at any time 30 days following date entered
  • upload custom created meal templates using optional DietMaster Pro software
  • credit card must be on file for monthly billing
  • full branding of site (cooperative) including header, domain name, text colors, etc.
  • first month billed in advance
  • cancel anytime with 30 day notice

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions to DietMaster WebLite are monthly, and are billed to your credit card automatically each month. You can cancel at any time but you MUST PROVIDE A 30 DAY VERBAL NOTICE and receive a confirmation number from a customer service representative. Example: If your billing cycle date falls within your 30 day notice you will be billed for one additional month before billing terminates. Its best to remember or mark you billing cycle date on your personal calendar and provide us notice on or before that calendar date. Manage your billing amount by deleting profiles each month that are not being used or have no activity.

On your monthly billing date if your profile count exceeds or is less than the current subscription level, your billing will automatically be adjusted up or down. You will have the ability to delete unwanted profiles at any time 30 days following the date the profile was entered, to manage billing fees.